Love it! / by Cynthia Lait

Friday and Saturday were spent at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal.

The most challenging part of this mural so far was figuring out how to ‘connect’ the lines on the different walls.  Depending on where you stand (how far back and at what angle), the lines will meet or not meet.  I took my best guess and approximated where they were to meet.

mural in progress 4.jpg

The second challenge was paint color. Even though I’m using the exact same paint, the lighting between the forward walls and the wall behind the phone/water fountain are very different.  The forward walls are lit by a combination of daylight and overhead lights.  The rear wall (phone/water fountain) is lit by canned lighting above, adding a yellowish tint to the colors.  I found myself taking the same paint color in the can from wall to wall, watching the color change, even though it didn’t.  wow!

Comments from ferry passengers:

‘I love that it doesn’t have a cause!’

‘Thank you for bringing color to the terminal!’

‘Love it!’

‘Are you trying to make the terminal more beautiful?’  (10 yr old boy, honest question!)

‘My favorite color is the pink part’… Referring to the chalk outline I used to draw the shapes on the wall.  My response, “I’m sorry, that part is going away!’…

Next painting session is Saturday, May 12th.  Stay tuned!