Are you coming back? / by Cynthia Lait

puget sound wave with Cynthia.jpeg

Puget Sound Wave is complete!  The project surprised me in several ways:

  • Washington State Ferries (WSF) employees were super enthusiastic about the work and love having this high energy, colorful image as part of their day at work.  Vendors who worked local coffee/newspaper kiosks expressed enthusiasm as well.

  • As I was painting, the project took on a performance art aspect as passengers asked questions and expressed appreciation for the work

  • Twice, I was asked if I was serving food!  While painting, I wore an apron and occasionally stood next to 3 large boxes that took on the appearance of a table if you came in from the parking lot.  Both times, there was a look of surprise as I said no, I couldn’t serve them from my ‘table’.

  • Engagement from people of all ages: toddlers, school children, teens, young people, couples with and without children, middle-aged people, older travelers.  One man was planning a boat trip to Alaska.  Another couple was traveling the US, taking photos and writing a blog.  A group of travelers from China, visiting the island for the afternoon.  Young women going to a wedding shower.  Children coming from Seattle to the island for a field trip.  Seattle Sounders and Mariners fans headed to a game.  Local friends coming by to show their support.  Mothers and daughters going to Seattle for some shopping.  People waiting for family visitors to arrive.  A group of women going to canvass for their candidate.  Artists who have let their art practice go and were reminded to pick it up again.  So many different and interesting people.

  • The funniest part of my time at the terminal was the number of people who weren’t sure where to go to board the ferry, or where to buy return tickets (the return trip is free).  Thankfully, I knew the answers to those questions.

Thank you WSF for the opportunity.  Thank you to my backers and friends who supported me financially and emotionally.  It was an extraordinary experience I will never forget.

I have been asked if I plan on going back to do more work.  We’ll see.  I have a few ideas in mind, it’s all up to WSF!