Twin Creeks Elementary School
2007 Mural Project

When my children were students at Twin Creeks Elementary School (San Ramon, CA), a friend/fellow parent and I decided to lead collaborative mural at the school. We invited students to make a piece of art that illustrated their favorite activity.  21 submissions later, we were busy getting the wall ready for the project.

Getting the wall ready

Getting the wall ready

Getting the wall ready

We received 21 submissions of student drawings, each one unique and beautiful. Rather than choose one drawing over another, I decided to lay them all out on the wall, to reflect the uniqueness of every child who submitted a drawing. The first phase was to make space on the wall for every drawing.

Next, it was time to reproduce each drawing in black paint (like a coloring book) so that students knew where to paint.


Students painting

With help from several other parents as well as teachers, students had a chance to work on the mural. The painting took place over two days. Thankfully, we had great weather. It didn’t hurt that this was in California!


Lots of enthusiasm

Students were enthusiastic about the project, as were parents and teachers.


The final mural project was both beautiful and satisfying and really drove home the idea that art is so much more fun when it is shared with others.