Waves, Stars and Ferries / by Cynthia Lait


While waiting for the ferry inside the ferry terminal a few weeks ago, I noticed that the inside of the terminal was a large space, with virtually nothing on the walls, outside of a few brochure stands and a couple of bulletin boards. People were sitting around, looking at their phones waiting for the boarding announcement. Looking around, it seemed as if the walls were crying out for art…


But, as with any public space, anything that is attached to a wall can grow legs, so security is an issue.  Then it dawned on me:  murals, the space needed a few murals.  Why not paint murals on the walls  to make the interior more engaging, more welcoming to Bainbridge Island visitors?  But where to start?


The building is owned by WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation).  So after a few emails, I managed to find someone in their marketing department.  I took a few photos and proposed a couple of designs, and now the proposal is working its way through WSDOT management.  


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ferry terminal that reflects the beauty of Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest?

Stay tuned as the negotiations continue.  Should WSDOT give the go-ahead, I’ll set up a funding site to see if there’s interest in the project.  I’m hoping the answer is yes!