Ferry Terminal: Day 1 / by Cynthia Lait

And we’re off!  Today was a preparation day:

day 101.jpg
  • Pack the car with every imaginable painting list item, including hair dryer (spot drying) and expandable laundry basket (used to belong to children, but now serves as a frame for my trash can, so handy!)

  • Clean the wall

  • Tape off the areas

  • Add one coat of primer

  • Add a second coat of tinted primer.  This serves as an underpainting.  For those who are unfamiliar with the painting process, an underpainting is a base color added as a first color for the painting.  It adds cohesiveness from a color point of view to a painting.  I added a little Venezuelan Sea to the white primer for a soft, warm blue.

More updates on Wednesday, when the design gets added and the colors begin!

day 102.jpg