I’m a painter/collage artist based in Bainbridge Island, WA. By day, I work in high tech as a project manager. The rest of the time, I follow my heart making art.

Art often takes the form of canvas and wood panels that hang on walls. But I’m very inspired by public art and have led several collaborative mural projects. I love making art happen in different places, making art available to everyone.

Here in the US, art isn’t a big part of our cultural norm. I’d like to change that.

cynthia 1972 1.jpeg

How long have you been making art?

Ever since I can remember, I was either reading a book or making art. I spent hours drawing horses running, jumping, standing.

As I moved through high school and college, I took the odd art class here and there. College was focused on Engineering studies, but I never stopped making art.

While raising children in the suburbs, art-making wasn’t a prominent part of my life, but I used my creativity in cooking (meat-strings and pasta balls for dinner) and baking. Now, as my children are off to college, I have returned to a more serious studio practice and love finding ways to visually express ideas and thoughts.

What inspires you?

Nature - memories of walks in the forest with my grandfather, days of playing on the beach,

Movement - watching how things change shape and color when they move.

Patterns - where are patterns evident? Where do patterns begin and end?

Color - how do colors affect each other? Why does something look yellow in one light and green in a different light? How do colors affect mood?



Why Abstract Collage?

Like a foreign film, I love it when a piece of art leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve seen it. My favorite art is often subject to multiple interpretations and meanings.

In my collage work I paint Japanese papers with vibrant colors as my materials. I cut, arrange and re-arrange these pieces of paper until the piece resonates with me. I like the definition of the clean edges so that the work takes on more graphical style.